Connect and Shar Server

Connect and Shar Server 1.1

Internet connection and dis-connection can now be remote-controlled
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If you are sharing a Internet connection then Connect and Shar is a must-have tool. Internet connection and dis-connection can now be remote-controlled.
Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or any proxy server to share one Internet connection or modem across your local area network ? Now you can control your Internet connection and modem from any machine.
Main features:
- Useful when your internet connection is on another computer and you want to control its connection or dis-connection remotely.
- Connect, Disconnect and monitor your Internet connection from any remote computer. Connect and Shar enables you to monitor and control the Internet connection status from any or all of the remote computers.
- Client computers will get notification of the Internet Online/Offline status in the form of MSN-Instant Messenger-style pop-up animation with sound.
- Connect and Shar is a tiny client/server application. Connect and Shar Server is installed only in the gateway computer where there is a Internet connection. Connect and Shar Client is installed in the client computers.
- Connect and Shar works with any type of Internet connection be it standard Dialup, USB modem DSL, Cable and satellite connections.
- Remote Dial and Dis-connection - Dial the modem on the gateway computer from any client pc.
- Connect and Shar only makes Internet sharing easier by enabling you to control the internet connection remotely from any computer in your network. For Internet connection sharing, you can use any Internet sharing software of your choice. Or Download PPPshar to share Internet without any hassles. Not sold yet? Download Connect and Shar and try it for yourself.

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